The Casamance Collection has arrived

We are proud to showcase the latest Casamance Collection for Autumn-Winter 2017 available at By Lewis. Casamance proposes glorious fabrics, bold geometric designs and dresses walls with splashes of gold in a new colour palette.

Our latest range of luxury wallpapers

We are excited to be sharing our latest range of luxury designer wallpapers from our Today Interiors collection.  This season why not indulge in our textures collection to really add depth and character to your room. To see more luxury wallpapers from By Lewis, please see our collection here alternatively please email us at [email protected]

How to care for your new furniture!

Prolonging the life of your new furniture is key and will make you savings year after year after year. Here’s a couple of tips to help that new piece of furniture last: Cushions – Foam seat cushions should last a minimum 7 years, a good quality foam or higher grade density even longer and a … Continued

Useful Tips

Your upholstery is designed to be sat on in comfort. Sitting on the edges of cushions or the arms may cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric. Avoid allowing sharp edges, toys, buckles, jewellery and domestic pets to snag the fabric. If snags do occur; pull them through from the reverse of … Continued